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West Lothian

logoThe Treasurers Trophy, West Lothian GC 14th June 2011

John Barnet

The Event

A challenge at 6249 yards long and with a Par of 71 this course demanded a thoughtful approach from the tee and a variety of hazards required your full focus throughout your round.

The views from the Clubhouse and Course were magnificent and without doubt some of the finest of any course we have played.

A good turnout of 31 players got lucky once again with the weather, lets hope our luck holds out!

Scoring was higher than the last outing with half the turnout in the 30’s.

A good test for ‘The Society’ with many balls being lost which possibly was part of the reason for the slow play, with the last groups coming in at a tortourous 5 hours!

A familiar name won the event beating Stevy Kelly into second place not for the first time!


  • Winner – John Barnet 37 points (Better Back Six)
  • Runner Up- Stevy Kelly 37 points
  • Third – Brian Chambers 35 points
  • NP1 – John McKay
  • NP2 – Davy Main
  • NP3 – Ricky Carrigan
  • Two Sweep – D.Richardson, S.Kelly and Mark Hunter.

West Lothian GC(click for details)

Event Details

  • Location:Linlithgow,West Lothian
  • Dates:14th June 2011 1PM
  • Treasurers Trophy
  • Cost:£20. To be paid by Friday 9th June 1200hrs.
  • Arranged by Bob Stronach/Scott Sinclair

The Order of Play..

Early Bird.

  • 10:07 S.Kelly(8), M.Hunter(12), D.Innes(14), A.Mohammed(24)
  • 13:00 R.Carrigan(9), D.Brown(17), T.Inglis(18),
  • 13:07 A.Summers(7), N.Paterson(15), J.McKay(22),
  • 13:15 B.Chambers(15), B.Stronach(19), S.Garvie(20),
  • 13:22 A.Ovenstone(13), K.Crawford(19),  D.Richardson(21)b,
  • 13:30 S.Sinclair(13)b, D.McCulloch(14), D.Edwardson(18), 
  • 13:37 T.Adams(9), J.Barnet(10)b, K.Campbell(27)b,
     W.Nicol (28)
  • 13:45 R.Johnston(11), H.Campbell(19), D.Nikolai(21),