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Highland Tour 2011


John McKay21st to 23rd Oct 2011


Friday 21 Oct 2011

Blairgowrie Golf Club (Rosemount) 1st Tee Time 11.27am
(Meet at golf club 10.30am)

Golf Course Road
PH10 6LG

Sat 22 Oct 2011

Alyth Glenisla (1st Tee Time 12.00 noon)
(Meet at golf club 11.00am)
Very close to hotel (I’m led to believe)

Sun 23 Oct 2011

Blairgowrie Golf Club (Landsdowne) (1st Tee Time 12.00 noon)
(Meet at golf club 11.00am)


Staying in the Alyth Hotel (2 nights Bed & Breakfast)
6 Commercial Street
PH11 8AF


Total cost for golf and accomodation £165.00
£65.00 deposit to be paid to John McKay by Wednesday 8 June 2011
Balance (£100.00) to be paid 6 weeks before we go. (Monday 5th September.)


The only thing not included is the sweep money (£20.00) which will be collected at Rosemount by A Summers. This will pay all sweeps, nearest the pins and 2’s.


No transport has been arranged, we are taking cars as last year, therefore it will up to
each individual to arrange as to who they will be sharing a car with and who is driving.

If necessary on the Saturday if transport is needed we can use taxis.

Event Details

Rosemount Draw

  1. J.Morris,D.McCulloch,D.Flockhart,M.Wright
  2. J.Barnet,R.Carrigan,J.Wilkinson,D.Innes
  3. A.Summers,R.Johnston,A.Ovenstone,J.McKay
  4. D.Ross,K.Anderson,D.Flynn,J.McEwan

Rosemount Results

  • Winner – J.McKay 35pts
  • Runner Up- R.Johnston 33pts
  • NP1 – D.McCulloch
  • NP2 – D.Innes
  • NP3 – R.Johnston

Glenisla Draw

  1. D.Ross,R.Carrigan,M.Wright,J.McKay
  2. A.Summers,D.Flynn,J.Wilkinson,D.Flockhart
  3. J.Barnet,D.McCulloch,A.Ovenstone,J.McEwan
  4. J.Morris,K.Anderson,R.Johnston,D.Innes

Glenisla Results

  • Winner – J.Morris 37pts
  • Runner Up- R.Johnston 36pts
  • NP1 – D.McCulloch
  • NP2 – A.Ovenstone
  • NP3 – J.Morris

Landsdowne Draw

  1. D.Ross,D.McCulloch,J.McEwan,J.Wilkinson
  2. R.Carrigan,K.Anderson,J.Barnet,D.Flockhart
  3. J.Morris,M.Wright,A.Ovenstone,D.Innes
  4. A.Summers,D.Flynn,R.Johnston,J.McKay

Landsdowne Results

  • Winner – R.Johnston 36pts
  • Runner Up- J.McKay 34pts
  • NP1 – D.Ross
  • NP2 – A.Summers
  • NP3 – No winner

Highland Champion 2011 – R.Johnston 105pts

Runner Up – J.McKay 101pts

Highland Gallery

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