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Gullane 3


The Spring Shield, Gullane 3 10th May 2011

Alan Ovenstone

The Event

A windy but on the whole dry day saw some good scores come in from the members at Gullane in East Lothian.

The course as always was in great condition especially the greens. Accuracy was at a premium as missing the fairways could be punished by lost balls in places.

Combined with a great service from John and his staff(who incidently kept the bar/restaurant open late for us) it truly was an excellent day and a great start to the season.

Alan Ovenstone should seriously consider becoming a member here because he never fails to score well on this course as he proved once again by winning on the day.


  • Winner – Alan Ovenstone – 41pts
  • Runner Up – Keith Crawford – 40pts
  • Third – Sandy Garvie – 39pts
  • NP1 – Mark Hunter
  • NP2 – Derek Flockhart
  • NP3 – Keith Crawford
  • Two Sweep-Ali Summers & John McLeod(Guest)

This was the Draw.

  • 09:36 K. Crawford(21),  D.Innes(14),  S.Kelly(8),  M.Hunter(12)
  • 12:56 D. McCulloch(13),  D.Nicolai(21)  A.Crawford(28)
  • 13:04 D.Flockhart(13), N.Paterson(15), S.Garvie(21)
  • 13:12 J.Barnet(10)b,  K.Campbell(26)b,  S.Sinclair(13)b,  D.Main(28)b,
  • 13:20 D.Flynn (13), H.Campbell(18), D.Brown(17), John McKay(22)
  • 13:28 R.Johnston(11), N.Winchester(Guest),  M.Wright(16), G.Loveless(20)
  • 13:36 R.Carrigan(8),  B.Chambers(15),  D.Richardson(21), W.Nicol(28)
  • 13:44 D.Jeffrey(6), A.Ovenstone(14), J.Hogarth(22), I.Hamilton(28)
  • 13:54 T.Adams(9), D.Edwardson(18), John McLeod(Guest), J.Davidson(28),
  • 14:02 A.Summers(8), D.Mortimer(15), G.Munro(21), T.Inglis(18)