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logoThe Presidents Cup, Archerfield. 29th Aug 09:30am 2011

Peter Hume


The Event

Above you, the whispering pines. Ahead, the sweeping fairways.
Out here, it feels as if it’s just you and the course. Golf has never been more inviting than this: the 18 hole Fidra Links, a unique mixture of pine forest and fast-running links and with a great turnout of 33 members we were treated like royalty by the staff and members of Archerfield!

A lot of effort went into making this a Presidents day to remember and the society would like to say a very big thank you to Derek McTighe and his member friends for making such a day.
Can we come back next year please?

The competiton was won by Peter Hume who only recently joined the society with a score of 33 points
beating Neil Paterson with a better back nine but there were a few of us out there who felt we should have
done a lot better on a calm and dry day. Peter is certainly making an impact!

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  • Winner – Peter Hume – 33pts BIH
  • Runner Up- Neil Paterson – 33pts
  • Third – Jerry Dugas – 32pts BIH
  • NP1 – Dennis Flynn
  • NP2 – Guest
  • LD – Ricky Carrigan
  • Two Sweep – Ali Summers

Club Details

Event Details

  • Cost:£50(includes Bacon Roll on arrival and Evening meal)
  • Dates:29th Aug 2011 09:30AM
  • Presidents Cup
  • Transport to and from the course
  • Arranged by Derek McTighe

The Preliminary Draw

09:30 Davy Innes,J.Davidson(B),I.Hamilton

09:38 Tom Adams,Ali Summers,M.Wright

09:46 H.Campbell,D.Flynn,G.Munro

09:54 J.McKay,T.Inglis,Sandy Garvie,N.Paterson

10:02 G.Loveless,K.Crawford,A.Crawford,J.McEwan

10:10 J.Barnet(B)K.Campbell(B)D.Flockhart,P.Hume

10:18 D.McCulloch,R.Johnston,R.Carrigan,B.Chambers

10:26 Stevy Kelly,J.Dugas,Scott Sinclair(B)J.Hogarth(B)

10:34 Davy Edwardson(B)Davy Main(B)Arthur Mohamed,G.Cunningham