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The Constitution

Last Updated 15 Sep 2009

CONSTITUTION as at 1st Oct 2008.

1. As of the above date membership is limited to airport taxi drivers.

2. Members shall have precedence over guests at all times.

3. Members will pay an annual subscription by 31st January.

4. It is the members duty to inform the committee should they
deem their handicap to be false.

5. Members are not to play with a handicap higher than their
official national handicap at the start of their first season.

6. A member should inform the secretary if their national handicap
is cut.

7. Rule 19 (general play) can be applied by the committee to any
members handicap should it be deemed necessary.

8. All funds raised by the committee shall be used directly to
offset the cost of members golf.

9. Golf club finances shall be audited annually by 2 non committee
members between the last but one outing and the AGM. If this is not
possible they will be presented to members at AGM.

10. All competitions shall be Stablefords.(except Summer Singles which
is Matchplay off Full handicaps).

11. Player of the Year will be decided on total Stableford points up to
a maximum of six outings.

12. All outing fees are to be paid one week prior to outing.

13. The draw will take place no earlier than 1 week prior to an outing.

14. Should a member miss an outing after being in the draw unless
they have a serious case their money shall not be refunded (This shall
be voted on by membership after investigation). In the case of their
money being paid to the pro shop under no circumstances will they be

15. As of the above date the CONGU Unified Handicapping System is in
use within the club.

16. Only Golf Courses with buggies shall be booked.